What Does This Picture Mean?! Seriously!

I did this...months ago. Attempting to be artistic in the late hours of the night/early hours of morning. Today I looked at it again and I thought,

"What...the..(bleep noise here) was I thinking?"

It's not like it's evil. It's bad art (I'm not artistic. You know.) but it's not like...degenerate. I love that word by the way. It's me.

Unfortunately I cannot remember any of my mid-night thoughts (possibly because I don't have any?) but maybe you can tell me just what the heck I was thinking when I made this...in photoshop...


I know at least twenty people look at my journals when I post them (yes! I read my stats!) so you'd better answer me in some comments or something...or face my wrath. Which you're already doing, by being pro-democracy. But that's another story. Anti-authoritarianism just gets into every bit of my conversation. See, there it goes...yeah I was reading V for Vendetta all day. Great book ("graphic novel" ), better than Watchmen by a landslide. I watched the movie when it came out, so I was only fourteen then. I didn't know anything then. So I'm going to re-watch it and I'm sure it'll be ten times more awesome than four years ago.

And (the depressing part of my journal) as I was about to read the fifth issue of V for Vendetta this afternoon, I thought to myself, "What music shall I listen to as background! Oh, I know. MCR's new album is all about revenge, so it'll go perfectly with this."

Then I remembered.

It ain't out yet!

This is so sad. Oh but Placebo's latest will be out soon. Everyone who hasn't already, check out Molko with long black hair. It's terrifying, but okay. I prefer the short hair myself, but he's a sexboy no matter what. Oh and the new drummer is SO scenester I could shoot him. I wish he didn't have so many tattoos, that's just not Placebo. And I don't like his hair. He needs to think more "glam rock" and less "alternative pop punk", yeah.

And while I'm on the subject of music: MGMT!
June 6th, 2009 at 10:30pm