8th Grade

It's sad to say, that 8th grade is almost over. This was by far the best year I've had at my school. I'm finally happy to say I live in the town I live in, despite the people that treated me like crap over the years. Even though I found out how fake my best friends were this year, I recently made better friends that I know are real. :) When I go to high school, I'll never see my middle school friends again; only outside of school. I'm really going to cry on the last day. The reason I won't see any of them is because we have a high school that's combined with five other towns. I'm not going to that high school either, I'm going to a vocational and technical school commerical art and design. I hope I can remain friends with the people I've made friends with this year.

I was orginally not going to attend my 8th grade formal dance, until my friends annoyed me to death to go. They know me as the girl who wears band t-shirts and jeans everyday, and I show up with make-up on, my hair done, wearing heels, and a dress. I got a lot of compliments from people that never have said much to me before, it really made me smile. Compliments aren't something I get often. I danced the night away for 4 hours-in heels of which I've never worn before-to Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, The Lonely Island, The Black Eyed Peas, and other artists. I had more fun then I expected.

My favorite class was definately history with Mr. Charleston. He is just hands down the best teacher ever. If you annoy him too much, he'll throw an eraser from the whiteboard at you so you'll shut up. He also switched places with Scott, and made fun of him. He lets us watch movies every friday, and has a word-o-da-day which Alex loves. Tony was also the best sub, we never called him by his last name. He subsituted for Charleston's class and he started showing us how to do MIley Cyrus's Hoedown Throwdown. He's going to be a senior in college, and knows the dance. He was also the DJ for our dance; he sucks at being a DJ. Jessica, Gina, Alex, Maggie, Kelly, and I all agree.

I've had too many fun times this year to even put down in one journal entry. From getting out science teacher to quit, to gym class and subsitute teachers that don't know procedures to lockdowns. I don't even want to think I have 9 days left with my friends, then it's so long. I wish we still had our own high school here, like how my dad and aunts had. I guess I'll have to try and keep in touch with them.

Jessica, Kelly, Alex, Maggie, Gina, Alexa, Morgan, Sarah, Lindsey, Iryna, Madison, Zoe, and Alicia are people who showed me who was a friend, and who wasn't. I'll miss them terribly. For now, memories will have to keep me smiling.

GBMS class of '09: the best group of friends, but a teacher's worst nightmare.<3
June 9th, 2009 at 01:51am