I'm back from the sleepover! It was soo much fun. We made Cold Rock, like planned, except I kinda forgot the M&M's. I'm pigging out on them now, lol. Shh, my daddy doesn't know.
There was such a great view from Holly's house though, and her back yard is like on a hill with tons of paths we almost got lost. We stood up on the road waving at randoms.
Truth or Dare turned into just dare, there were so many kool places to go and well be forced to sit in the dark with. I went under for a whole ten seconds.
We played hide and seek aswell, that was pretty fun. We only went inside though, I'd get lost outside and Subu agreed with me.
We watched a scary movie, well me and Subu did, Holly stayed under the covers and listened to the radio on her phone, tsk, tsk. It wasn't that scary though. But when Holly went outside to get us some drinks the back door was open, she camoe running into the bedroom, the look on her face, it was soo funny. Of course being my friends I was forced to go downstairs and lock the door. Then there was the dog outside making all these weird noises scarying Holly and Subu, it was kinda annoying though.
We ended up staying up till 1:00 in the morning, luckily Holly's parents were completely oblivious. Subu started drawing all these picutures making fun of this guy in our class. I took them home and stuck them on my cupboard door, lol.
In the morning was lying awake in bed and then out of no where Holly fell out of her's. LOL.
We made this really funny movie of ourselves, but didn't catch me doing anything stupid, I was filming the most of the time, haha.
We watched Bride Wars, it's such a short movie, but it was okay. Dinner we had pizza, yay! Word of advice, never ask Holly to make you lunch, she'll end up giving you stale bread and the works, lol.
Anyway, all in all I had a great time. Can't wait to go back again, I guess we'll just do it all over again.
June 14th, 2009 at 12:09pm