Eh, school was boring today. First my health teacher wasn't there so we had Mrs. Freeman, this weird teacher. We played scategories and celebrity heads and talked. I guess it was better than school work, but it was just so repetitive. Drama was okay, we didn't do much. Just sat and watched our drama performance. I wasn't in the first show and Ms. Birrell ( my drama teacher) lost the second one-which I was in-so kinda annoyed there. So instead we watched Jono dance and messed up Maddy's hair, it looked pretty kool, kinda like the hair that this one girl had in Wicked! Did I mention how much I love that show? Well I love it, lol.
Lunch was weird. Everyone seemed to be following Darcy and Stacky, cos they just started going out (and no that's not his real name, it's Gordon Stack, so we call him Stacky). So me and Holly walked off and went around the oval, the year nines are totally taking it over, it's kinda funny, It use to be the basketball courts, now it's the oval. No one plays sport there anymore, kinda ironic huh?.
Period three we had Humanities and watched this boring documenatry about water. No one listened ofcourse so we all got yelled at by the teacher. Then we had maths and I didn't get to do my Maths' test, again. Ms. Paul said I need a a double period so I have to wait till Wednesday, ekk. So annoying.
We got our electives for next semester today, I have nothing with nobody in my class. It's really kinda annoying. I'm trying to convince Subu to change out.
June 15th, 2009 at 10:12am