So today was fine. It was really foggy this morning but surprisingly not to cold. I got up early this morning so I could finish my English Essay plan. That sucked, but I had free time to do whatever before I had to leave for school.
Funny thing happened to my sister this morning, she tried to curl her eye lashes (practicing for formal) and it was so weird. Her eye lashes were like a right angle, LOL. She got all worried that it was obvious and kept complaining. It told her it wasn't that obvious, like good little sisters do.
So I had science first thing. I had walking down there. I cross the entire school grounds, it's so annoying. All my other classes are on the other side of the school as well as my locker. We watched this disgusting doco, I had seen it before so I knew it was awful. I t was all about parasites and what they do to us, ekk! I was like shaking, I felt like i had some in me.
Then we had English and I had to do my essay. I wrote three whole pages! And wrote that Holly was super duper gay on her planner. She ruined my beautiful artwork, lol, did I mention it was in permanent? haha.
Literature *sigh* with Ms. Dight *sigh* That teacher is out to kill me I swear. She's making us do orals on Thursday. Luckily we're running out of time, so she told us to keep it short, no less than three minutes. And that's pretty short when you're talking about a book, a book you like too.
Lat period, Humanities. We finished watching the doco we were watching yesterday. Cadman kept shking my chair, him and his stupid music and putting legs up on the chair in front of him habits. He's so weird that one.
After school I had to go to the dentist, I hate the dentist. But I don't have to go back for another month! Woo hoo! *Happy Dance*
I'm listening to Shout it! by Mitchel Musso, I love this song, especially when I'm in a happy mood, lol.
June 16th, 2009 at 01:55pm