Home Alone XD

I went to the circus! It was soo much fun. LOL. I went with Roohi, I hadn't seen her in like four weeks so it was sorta a reunion for us, in a way, haha. I have to admit that this circus experience wasn't as good as the first time I went to the circus. Maybe because I had seen all the tricks done before of maybe it was because there weren't many people there so the performers weren't as enthusiastic cos you couldn't hear any clapping, or maybe it was because of their annoying voices. My god I almost was ready to scream by the end of it, it was just sooo annoying, it totally ruined the performance. But other than that the night was grrreat.

At home alone now, everyone's out except my nana but she can't remember anything that happens anyway so I'm free do to whatever I want to. I should be doing homework but I really just can't be stuffed. I had some ice cream just before, yummy, lol. School tomorrow, I can't be stuffed with that either, but only one more week left now! Can't wait till the holidays when I can do whatever I want to. I'm soo gonna make the most of it. I can't wait till Harry Potter 6 comes out. but it comes out the week we go back to school so that sucks, I'm going for my friends b'day right after school on the day it comes out. It's gonna be so packed, maybe we'll try book the tickets before hand. I dunno, I just hope the movie is better than the fifth one, that was such a rip off. I have high expectations for this one so I guess it's gonna be not as good as I expected. Oh well I'm gonna try enjoy it. Over the holidays I'm gonna read the book again just so I remember everything.
June 21st, 2009 at 07:56am