I'm going to be honest, Mibba scares me.

I love this place, I really do.
I remember when it started out, this place was the best place in the world for me.
I felt like I really belonged and I could finally start begin to express my feelings,
with people that felt the same exact way.

I still do.

It's just that - you know, I think some comments are becoming a bit too harsh.
We're all quite mature, I believe.
We all have our reasonable intentions behind what we say.
Sometimes, I find it unbelievable how level headed most can be in some situations.

Though, I think a lot of people have been too quick to judge or just plain too blunt about things.
Or is it just me that sees this?

Sometimes, I just see users bashing on innocent journals.
Once I read about this situation where this girl had lost something, even though she should have been more sensible.
But you don't comment and say "This was entirely your fault. I do not feel bad for you whatsoever."
The person writing did not go "OH PITY ME, I LOST SOMETHING."
She stated she was a little upset about it and just needed some help to find somewhere to buy it again.

I really understand that if one is wrong, others are allowed to state so.
But if the person from the very beginning was not harsh, rude or completely ridiculous - there is no need to tell someone off.
Polite yet opposing comments are just perfect.
I am not saying you should never state your opinions.
But no one should ever just attack if it was really not called for.

And to be honest, I've become scared to post here sometimes.
I know it's foolish, but I've just read a lot of situations where users are just beaten down.

I don't want to ever be scared of a place I love so much.
June 23rd, 2009 at 10:49pm