It can fix everything but broken heart

Mighty Putty, that is.

I was turned off from journals last week when all those celebrities were dropping like flies; I didn't feel like scrolling down the pages to only see the exact same thing over and over again. Trust Billy Mays to throw in one extra.

So, here is my short, sweet and belated tribute to America's Favorite Pitchmen (Vince from ShamWow! can suck it)

Now cracks a noble heart
Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

You guys are going to laugh at me right now, but I've been looking at patterns for my Halloween costume. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I mean, who doesn't love dressing up in bizarre costumes and going door-to-door and extorting strangers for candy?

My friends' and I decided that this year, our theme would be Mulan. This all came about sometime last week, when my friend Kyle and I got caught up in the DragonBall Z Abridged parody of Be a Man. Then that segwayed into the original version, and then we decided to watch the movie, and when it was done, we came to the unanimous decision to do Mulan. I dibbs Ling, because his name is closest to mine, except from that part when they have to crossdress to sneak into the Emporers' palace. Now we just need Yao, Chien-Po and an actual Mulan.

I love how Ling's boob is by shoulder. Anatomical phail.

Also, cats.

This is my cat, Munkie. She has developed a taste for tomato sauce. She also enjoys ice cream. I don't think there's anything she won't eat. She also does taxes:

Can your cat do taxes?

- Linden

PS: I've been out of the loop the last week. Can someone please clarify for me all this supposed hostility against Jinxeh and DC. Billy Mays wouldn't be amused by this tomfoolery.
July 4th, 2009 at 04:25am