The Maine/ When Fans Only Care About Looks

I'm curious to know how long you all have been fans of The Maine.

I have been a fan pretty much since the beginning. When I first heard Daisy.. I fell in love with their music.

So I believe that would make me a fan since '07.

What about you all?

What do you like about their music?

As selfish as this sounds.. I don't want The Maine to become as big as the Jonas Brothers in a sense.. I am a fan of JB since around the time they started too..and now they've changed.. The concert tickets' prices are ridiculous and a lot of JB's fans only like them for their looks.

Music should be about the words spoken, the notes played, everything in that sense.. Not how hot any of the members might be.

Sure it's okay to like The Maine for their looks.. Who wouldn't blame you? They're gorgeous. But if you are gonna like them for their looks.. Like them for the music too.

Sorry I just had to vent today.. My bff and I were talking about this sort of thing the other day with the Jonas fact.. My mom and I were talking about the ridiculous ticket prices today.

Anyway.. give me some feedback. I want to hear your opinions.

July 4th, 2009 at 04:32am