Jonas Brothers

Hello! I hope your 4th of July was amazing! Ok, so in honor of Kevin Jonas's engagement I decided to do a review of them (by the way, congratulations to Danielle Deleasa!)

Ok, so it all started as a record deal for Nick Jonas with Columbia Records. It soon turned into a group project from which the Jonas Brothers were born, metaphorically. Their first album was 'It's About Time' including the songs What I Go To School For; Time For Me To Fly; One Day At A Time; 6 Minutes; Mandy; You Just Don't Know It; I Am What I Am; Underdog; 7:05; and Please Be Mine. Then, sadly, Columbia dropped them. Luckily though, Hollywood Records picked them up soon afterword. I liked 6 minutes.


It started as the American Dragon theme song, but soon they released a self titled album. It contained the songs S.O.S.(written solely by Nick); Hold On; Goodnight and Goodbye; That’s Just The Way We Roll (with assistance from William McAuley); Hello Beautiful; Still In Love With You; Australia(written about an Australian model); Games(with assistance from John Taylor and Greg Garbowsky); When You Look Me In The Eyes (with assistance from PJ Bianco and Raymond Boyd); Inseparable (with written assistance from Joshua Miller); Just Friends; Hollywood (with written assistance from John Fields); Year 3000(written by John McLaughlin); and Kids of the Future (written by Marty Wilde and Ricky Wilde). My favorite was That's Just The Way We Roll. What about you?


Then their next album is ‘A Little Bit Longer’. It contained the songs BB Good(with assistance written from John Taylor) ; Burnin Up; Shelf; One Man Show; Lovebug; Tonight(with written assistance from Greg Garbowsky);Can’t Have You( written by Nick Jonas and PJ Bianco);Video Girl; Pushin Me Away; Sorry (with written assistance from John Fields); Got Me Goin Crazy(written soley by Nick Jonas); A Litlle Bit Longer (written solely by Nick Jonas). (My favorite was Got Me Goin Crazy)They preformed this album on the Burnin Up tour. Then, just recently they released yet another album.


This on was titles Lines, Vines and Trying Times. This album contains the songs World War III; Paranoid; Fly With Me; Posin Ivy; Hey Baby; Before The Storm; What Did I Do To Your Heart; Much Better; Black Keys; Don’t Charge Me For The Crime; Turn Right; Don’t Speak. (My favorite is Black Keys. What about You?)This album has many guest such as Johnny Lang; Miley Cyrus and Common. Can you guess who wrote what songs? It will be in my next review.

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Music

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July 6th, 2009 at 06:51pm