I was making my NeverShoutNever! T shirt [because I'm too broke to buy one right now.]


When my mom saw it she said who is "Christofer Never Shout Ingle???"

The front says Never Shout Never and the back says "Christofer Drew Ingle The Coolest Kid Ever To Play The Ukelele"

And I guess because I showed her the front and back too fast, said the words too fast, and explained it too fast...

My mom wound up confused.

Hee Hee.. Christofer Never Shout Ingle... That's gonna be a classic.

Oh and it's so hard to pic my favorite NSN song right now!

I think it is a three way tie between Liar Liar, I Just Laugh, and Hummingbird.
July 7th, 2009 at 05:39pm