A new amazing VAMPIRE movie that isn't Twilight.

I was just amazed when I saw this.

It's good, eh?

The new HP movie is coming out 2 days, isn't it?
I'm quite excited for that!
Any of you got special midnight tickets?
I haven't. I have to wait for my friend to get from her trip to Alaska.
But I don't mind because I've got a Green Day concert on the 16th.
I'm a little upset that they're not going to do an interview at MuchMusic.
The Veronicas are going to be there instead.
Psssht, 21 Guns over Untouched anyday.
But to be honest, Green Day hasn't gotten much publicity in Canada.
However, Know Your Enemy is number 5 for the music charts in the country.
July 13th, 2009 at 07:57pm