Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Last saturday was FUCKED. Went to Frances' 18th, but I could have gone to at least 5 other parties. I went with Nissa, Ray and Sam, hoping to get backtogether with Sammy. Me, Corey and Michael sat back and watched everyone make out with everyone and couples break up, and Sam slut it up. Everyone bitched about Jarrah. Then made out with him. Fucking retards. Kate rang me a few times to make sure I was okay. Michael disapeared for 15 minutes and Frances went rank and decided that she should go make out with everyone there and cheat on Michael just because he went for a walk. I disapeared for an hour and Michael and Corey were the only people that noticed.

Sam kept going on about how much she looks after Ray and she kept calling him her brother, going on about how much she is always there for him. When Ray wanted to commit suicide in the fire, Sam was too busy sucking face with a jock on a mattress, me and Michael had to look after Ray the whole fucking night long, until he passed out, then Sam brought him into the shed, from then on, we just couldn't give a fuck.

Thats the first time i've ever gotten over someone in one night. What a slut, broke up with me, went out with Jordy 2 days later, broke up with Jordy, started going out with a Jock a few days later. I don't think there are too many people I trust much anymore.

I had a party a few nights ago. Bigs brought a carload of people, I thought it was all gonna go haywire, but even though it was only a short party, christ it was a good one. We drank the strawberry vodka 'proctail'. Nearly made us sick.

If I see Proctor any time soon, his head is going through a wall.
July 14th, 2009 at 01:52am