updations and the like

I don't know who will all read this, but this is mainly for any readers of my stories.

It's the middle of July and I haven't updated in moooonths.
I first of all have to apologize whole heartedly for that.
Second of all, I have to unfortunately tell you that I just don't have it in me to update soon. Well, not that I know of. For all I know, I could update everything tomorrow night or next week, I never know. Two reasons: 1-I just have had quite the hard/interesting/etc last couple months... 2-It's busier at work now, and that's really the only time I have to work on them. :( On the occasion, we get the slow night so that's when I work on them usually.

With sickness, boyfriend issues, and personal family issues, I just have lost touch and have gone on yet another hiatus.

But I'm for sure not finished with them. I hope that my avid readers get to see this and I selfishly ask for your forgiveness and patience.

Love, love, love. (and lub lol)

July 14th, 2009 at 09:33am