A conversation with a two year old. [For all those John Ohhh/The Maine fans]

Here is the situation. I have John Ohhh as the background on my cell.. Pretty much pic of the day sort of thing. Anyway I showed the pic [The one where John's hair is all crazy from their In Person video thing] to this two year old little girl..and she absolutely loved John. Here is the conversation.

2 year old: Who's that?

Me: That's John.

2 year old: Aw John's pretty.

Me: John is pretty.

[I close my phone and smile at her.]

2 year old: I wanna see John! John!

Me: Okay we can see John.

[I then let her look at John for like 5 minutes then I took the phone because she wanted to keep it.]

[Then she whined for 5 minutes.. I couldn't figure out what it was she wanted until I asked...]

Me: Do you wanna see John?

[Her face instantly lit up.]

2 year old: Yes John! Gimme mine! [she says about the phone.]

Kids I tell you! I love how I got her to love John.. then again.. I totally understand because I love him too! I think all his fans would get it too.
July 18th, 2009 at 02:42am