not done.

Crush my heart while I hope to die
Shut my eyes so you can't see me cry.
The tears, they fall down like rain against the glass of my heart
I should have been smarter than that
But I find it so hard to think with your teeth on my neck.
It's unfair the way you just don't care.
Was she really wroth the effort?
Or are you just that worthless?
See the way you fucked with my head.
Well now I'm wishing you dead.

So take it back.
All the promises you made.
Empty words,
Just the lies that you sold.
You never meant a damn thing you said.

So now that we're being honest
I thought I'd let you know
All the times that I said "I love you"
I had to force the words up my throat
You never were more than a good time to me.
It was fun while lasted
but now the moments passed and
I'm taking back every last damn minute I
wasted on your sorry ass.
I swear everything from me to you was a lie.
Just like every word of this verse.
July 20th, 2009 at 08:46am