Do you even know what that means?

You know what's the most frustrating thing ever?
People that call themselves emo, punk or goth and hardly understand what they mean.
Maybe it's just a trend or maybe it's just my generation,
either way - the fact they don't understand what they're saying is enough for me to tear my hair out.

The most infamous one: emo.
Really? To most, emo is seen as people that are always in a "depressed state".
First of all, the majority that I've seen are barely 16, let alone teenagers.
Wearing the colour black does not make you emo.
Liking My Chemical Romance does not make you emo. (Not an insult to the band, just to say.)
And having minor difficulties in your life does not make you emo.
As well, depression is an actual illness. Thinking because you're a little upset is a bit offensive.

You're very young. So what if your boyfriend dumped you or your parents grounded you?
Be quiet, stop pretending to be a cutter. You're not addicted to skittles and start appreciating life.

I remember when this word was used a lot. I'm not sure if people still do. I believe the common misconception about preps are they shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, absolutely adore the colour pink and are incredible snobs.

Where you shop, what clothes you wear and what colours you like do not completely define who you are.
As well, you know what snobs are? Snobs. And unhappy people are? Unhappy people.

Some people see punk the same as emo. Punk was first the music movement in the 70s. And now punk is viewed as kids that wear converses and listens to Blink 182? There are varying definitions to "punk", but most center around the idea of going against the mold that society puts you in and finding the wrongs in your society. I don't think going against conformity is buying the same exact clothing people deemed as punk.

The reason why most people jump to these labels is because what people look like.
You don't have to dress in plaid with a mohawk to have that punk personality.

I hope this didn't come out wrong. I was mad a little bit before and I'm not anymore.
I was trying to get this out. My father was driving me home and I like his music.
I mean, who wouldn't be happy having John Mayer tell you that your body is a wonderland?
July 25th, 2009 at 02:26am