My Stupid Crush

I've had a crush on the same guy for two years now. The worst part is that we're somewhat friends.

He flirts with me and I flirt back. I want him to tell me how he feels. Sometimes I see him out of the corner of my eye watching me. Its really annoying. Should I ask him does he like me? But then I remember how fucking shy I can get.

I met him at my church. But I would never flirt in the house of the Lord. I'm on the choir and so is he. Sometimes they set up picnics and cookouts for the youth choir. We always sit together, and we're always laughing at dumb jokes we hear. I'm not the type of girl to giggle so I use my natural laugh. He seems to like it.

He even brushed his hands on my arms. It was no accident he put both of his hands on my arms and rubbed them. My friends say that's a definate flirt move. But it could just be innocent flirtting.

If it weren't for the fact that he flirt's with girl's right in front of my face I would say he was into me. In seventh grade I moved so I went to a new middle school, turns out he goes there too. He was one of the popular guys there that every girl wanted.

On my second day one of his friends told me he liked me. He denied it but he started to blush. A friend I made that day use to date him and she got all mean after that. She had a twin so they both stopped paying attention to me. It really hurt me.

I go back to church to find out that one of my friend's also likes him. Being the good friend I am I do her a favor and ask him does he like her, He said no and I told her. She got mad at me and stopped talking to me for a while. Another one of my church friends likes him I ask him for he,r he says no again, I tell her, same thing all over again. She stops talking to me.

My two friends find out that they both like him and they go against each other making me chose a side. I didn't choose.

I thought the whole thin would blow over.


I didn't go there for eigth grade so I didn't see him as much anymore. One of the girls moved to New York and the other one stopped coming. So now we don't talk at all. Just imagine if my church friends knew I liked him they would have been even meaner to me. I'm glad I never told them.

The guy seem to be happy I didn't talk to them anymore. When I talked to him in church both girls gave me dirty looks.

I lost two friends and two potential best friends.

Do you see what that stupid crush did to me? He ruined my friendship with several people.

Worst part is...I still like him. UGH!!!


This is a true story.

August 1st, 2009 at 01:36am