Post Warped Withdrawal

Yeah, I'm suffering from it and it sucks. I went to warped on thursday with my friend and it was awesome... so now I'm sad that it's over.

The bands I saw:

We Are Union- I didn't know them before warped, but Nikki and I stopped and watched them cause we didn't have anything better to do at the moment and there was a trombone player in the band! Hooray for band geeks! (and I can say that cause I'm a choir geek) ^_^

Ivoryline- We watched them too because they were on right after We Are Union, and I had already bought out the entire merch tent so what else were we going to do? (and I didn't really buy that much stuff...just three t-shirts and one cd...) Ivoryline was pretty sweet =)

ALL TIME LOW- This was the second time I've seen ATL in concert, and I have to say, they performed a hell of a lot better, since last time, Alex was sick and left the stage to go throw up. =D This time, it had been rainy and cloudy the whole morning, but half way through their set, the sun came out, and alex said, "Hey, we brought the f***ing sun out!" =D

A Day To Remember- they were the reason I was excited for warped this year. Unfortunately, the All Time Low set over lapped with the ADTR one, and because I was so wrapped up in the ATL set, I missed half of the ADTR set, which made me really sad, but I still got to see them. Though because I was late, I didn't get to close to the front or the moshing.

Saosin- they were amazing to see live, though Cove Reber was kinda sick, so he was a little out of it. His voice still sounded good though =D And while we were down in front watching, Nikki noticed this guy in a circle pit who looked EXACTLY like Tom Felton. He even had the platinum blond hair!

The Devil Wears Prada- I only saw the last few songs of theirs, and I was kind of not paying attention, because Nikki and I were watching the skaters on the half pipe that was right next to where TDWP were playing. I sang along to the parts I knew and ate my snow cone, but I wasn't too involved in their show, I wish I had been though =/

CHIODOS- Amazing. Epic. F***ing awesome. We were down in front where all the moshing was going on, and oh-emm-gee, I crowd surfed for the first time. Craig was talking to the us and he told us that he wanted to break the record for most people crowd surfing in one minute. The record is 60 people, set at a my chem show. They started playing A Letter to Janelle (I know, weird song choice) and this guy offered to lift me up, and I said sure, so off i went, being carried all the way to the front, where the security guard picked me up over the bar and I walked along the stage (SQUEEEEE!!) until I made it back to the crowd. I was trying to find Nikki in the crowd, but the song ended, and Craig told us to get ready for the wall of death, so yeah, I didn't really see Nikki for a while, but it was all okay, the show was great, the moshing was hardcore, and I CROWD SURFED! =)

Forever The Sickest Kids- This was the second time I've seen them as well. It was right after Chiodos, and I was really tired, so I kind of just stood and sang along, rather than squeeze up to the front and jump around, but it was still cool to see them again ^_^

The Architects- This was another band that I hadn't heard of before Warped, but nikki and I had some down time before 3OH!3 so we checked them out, and they are AMAZING! There were only about 30 people watching them, but they were really talented, so I think they deserve more of a crowd =)

3OH!3- This was one of the most entertaining shows of the day, I think mainly because of their energy. I think they drew the biggest crowd of the day as well. Nikki and I managed to make our way to about the halfway point in the crowd, but it was packed.

Escape The Fate- Once again, I missed more than half of the set because I had been watching 3OH!3 but it was still cool to see them, even though there was no Radke T.T

I Set My Friends on Fire- I was so tired at this point, that I just sat and watched them, which is kind of pathetic, but after Chiodos, I was down to 10% energy level =/

The Millionaires- Yes, I stopped and watched them. I wanted to show Nikki how annoying they were. So after one song, we left to find the Maine.

The Maine- Last show of the night, but it was a great one to end with. I had gained a little energy back so I could jump around in the crowd and sing along. It was the second time I've seen the Maine as well, and I think I liked them better this time around =)

Those were the bands I saw perform, but I did see Breathe Carolina at their signing. I had my picture taken with them and they signed the back of my skate for cancer shirt that I had bought earlier =D =D =D =D =D it was really cool ^_^

That's pretty much my warped experience, and I MISS IT D=

oh, and the whole time I was typing this, every time I tried to type warped, I spelled it wapred. I don't know why, it's just the way my fingers pressed the keys =/

Peace&Love, Erin
August 2nd, 2009 at 12:22am