Wow, okay, this is like the first time I've been on Mibba in years.

My last journals was awful, I called myself emo and a bisexual.

I was so pathetic.

But I've grown up alot now, I'm me, and you all have to deal with it.

Well, my stories and everything are sh*t, so please dont read them.

Well, about a month ago Michael Jackson died, didnt he ?
Omg, I was so upset. I'm listening to him now tbh,
I love him ):
Dont go saying 'oohh myy goooddd yourr onlyy listeninggg too himmm becausee hee'ss diieeddd' I'm like,

WTF !? I've liked him for nearly all my life now, get your facts right.

Well, yesterday I went to sleep at my friends. Martha.

Theres this guy called Fergus, I fancy him quuiittee alott, but he likes Martha.

And I'm going out with someone.

I feel so terrible :/

But, my boyfriend, he only talks to me proper on Msn.
Not in real life.
It's just soo confuzzling !

Imma go now, tired (:

Bye bye peoples x
August 6th, 2009 at 11:15pm