HTML Made (Hopefully) Easy.

Fronkensteen requested a tutorial on links, so I thought I'd go the whole hog. Well, nearly the whole hog, as I don't know the whole hog myself. I do know the basics however, so here we go. Oh, p.s. this is technically called BB code, as Flawed Perfection;; pointed out. HTML uses < > brackets but is virtually the same, however it won't work in Mibba stories etc.


All html is written in brackets - on Mibba, they are the square ones - [ and ].
You place your brackets either side of the text you want to change.
Like so: [-]text[/-]
A forward slash is used in the last bracket to tell the computer you now want to stop the code.

The difference comes in the code you put in the brackets. The following have spaces in between the brackets, because otherwise they would change the text and you wouldn't be able to see them:


[ i ] italics [ / i ] - italics
[ b ] bold [ / b ] - bold
[ center ] centred text [ / center ] -
centred text

(please read note in 'Other Common Mistakes' as to why center code doesn't work here.)


[ IMG ] [ / IMG ] - Image


[ url = ] My homepage [ / url ] - My homepage


[ size = 200 ] Big [ / size ] - Big
Experiment with numbers (Here '200')- 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 - they'll give you different sizes.


[ color = # 66FF00 ] Colourful! [ / color ] - Colourful!
Experiment with colour codes (Here '66FF00') - you can find loads here.

More than one code:

In all my titles I'm using both a size code, and a color code. The order in which you place the brackets is important here - you want them to be like a russian doll, if that makes any sense. A box in a box. Like so:
(If I want to change the color of a link)
[ url = ] [ color = # 00FF2D ] My Homepage [ / color ] [ / url ]
My Homepage
Instead of:
My Homepage (color codes both on left handside of url code)
or [color=00FF2D]My Homepage

Other Common Mistakes:

Not putting the / in the last bracket.
e.g. (Here only the 'italics' should be in italics) italics blah blah blah.

Not writing one of the brackets.
e.g.(Again, only 'italics' should be in italics) blah blah blah italics

Putting in an unnecessary space.
e.g. [ i]italics

Forgetting one of the brackets.
e.g. i]italics

Not putting the # in the color bracket.
e.g. [color=0000FF]color

Not putting the = in the link bracket,
e.g. [url]link[/url]

Also, one last tip - certain codes don't work in certain places. For some reason, comments on profiles don't like url codes, but they will accept standard italics and bold codes. For me, the centre code doesn't seem to work anywhere except for my signature.

In Conclusion:

You'll notice I've used various of these codes on titles etc. - once you get the hang of them, they're pretty easy to type in. Make sure to use the preview button, if you can, to make sure you've got them right. And remember to remove all the spaces when you try them out!

Any others you want to know? If I know them, I'll put them up. :cute:
Hope this is useful!
August 10th, 2009 at 12:16am