I'm sorry for the desperate title, but I'm in a really terrible situation right now. I won't go into everything, but it involves my boyfriend (I guess he's my boyfriend). I will summarize the situation, and the whole story of how we met and all that is in another journal.

So after we met on the choir trip and the trip ended, we kept in touch. He lives four and a half hours away. I visited him once, and we talked on the phone a bunch. Then his band got an amazing break. They left for Europe back in the very beginning of August. Due to him getting homesick (at least that's what I gathered from reading on his band's myspace) they returned home the middle of last week.

Here's my dilemma that's been bothering me since then. He never called me when I got back. I found out he was coming home because of his myspace. I don't have a myspace, but his band's profile is public, and it receives their twitter feeds. So call me a creeper, but I went to his twitter last Friday and read. I found out he was homesick, and then that he was coming home, and then he was home. He went to the Blink concert, and has been hanging out with his friends. That is all according to twitter. He still hasn't called me and he's been home for nearly a week.

I didn't want to seem like the clingy needy girlfriend, so I didn't call him as soon as I found out he was home, demanding why he hasn't called me, because last Friday, he only had been home for two days, and who knows, he could have been busy. But now it's Monday and I'm fed up.

There are three things I could do. I could email him, like I had originally planned, saying something along the lines of "Hey, I found out you were home. call me..." or I could text him a simple "hey" which would imply that I knew he was home, because he didn't have his cell phone in Europe. Or I could just call him.

Please, let my know what's the best option. I know that the internet does not solve all problems, but right now, my best friend is on vacation, and all my close friends are trapped in heck week. And honestly, I don't know how I could tell my friends all this. I feel entirely torn apart that he hasn't contacted me now that he's back in the states.

I'm suck a f***ing mess. You have no idea how hard it was to type this. I'd much rather be throwing my laptop at the wall.

Peace&Love, Erin

ps: be brutally honest if you have to
August 18th, 2009 at 01:26am