Want to know what my Favorite song is? Damn, that Dumbledore at Hollywood was a jerk. Right Harry Potter, fans? Freecreditreport.com

First off, my favorite song is "Credit Rollercoaster" from the Freecreditreport.com commercials. Chyeah, so I heard that "FCR.com" is crap and doesn't help with your credit at all.
Let's hope these guys don't have a Mibba.
Annnyway, um.. Oh yeah! A LOOONG time ago.. Well, a few weeks ago actually, I went to Hollywood with my two friends and cousin. We were walking down the "hollywood star road" where the IMPERSONATORS are! I met a lot of cool ones, and when Dumbledore caught my eye, I was "lyk" 'HEY, THAT'S DUMBLEDORE. HE'S GONNA BE SOOO COOL.' Chyeah, I was
uber wrong. I went up to him and asked, "Dumbledooore! May I join your army?!" He said, "No, you're a mudblood." Okay, when he said that, I thought to myself: 'what the hell? Dumbledore doesn't discriminate, it doesn't matter whether I'm fucking Harry Potter. He should let me join!' He was being a total douche, so me and my cousin starting calling him Gandolf the Great. It peeved him off. HA, YOU SUCK, DUMBLEDORE.
Buckle up everybody cause were taking a ride it can strain your relationships and hurt your pride its the credit roller coaster and as you can see it kinda bites so sing the lyrics with me when your debt goes up your score goes down when you pay a little off it goes the other way around its just the same for everybody every boy and girl the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl so throw your hands in the air and wave em around like a wannabe frat boy trying to get down then bring em right back to where your laptops at. Log on to freecreditreport.com stat!
Even though they lie! IT'S A CATCHY SONG. Look it up, eh?

Image Dude, just saying.


You dig?
August 19th, 2009 at 01:36am