Avenged Sevenfold story readers please click and help me?!

ok so I have an account on quizilla as well and I found this awesome story that i absolutely love but the author stopped updating and said they moved to mibba and that people who still wanna read her stuff should follow a link to her mibba site but the link didnt work and so i was wondering if anyone had read it on here and would know where i could find the story cause i must know what happens! the story is called "i cant be your angel when im living like a devil" and its about a girl who gets pregnant by zacky and zacky bails and she has the kid and names her december and then she goes back to highschool and zack falls in love with her again and they get back together and are kind of a family and then...it stops. i just really wanna read the rest so if u could please help that'd be great and heres a link to the story on quizilla


August 23rd, 2009 at 06:34am