Funny Moment #3

This happened just recently and I understand that it may not be very funny to those who read it, but let me just say that you had to be there. Actually it was more sad than funny.

Anyway here it is.

I was at my community service placement with my partner Scott. We were at a day care centre. The staff had given us this job to do, it involved wrapping these presents for the babies for father's day. So there wasn't really any room so they took us into the babies bathroom. The wrapping involved pictures and lollies. I was wrapping the pictures and Scott couldn't be stuffed doing anything so he was taking the lollies out of those little packets they come in. There were about 50 packets and he had emptied them all into this box. Up until this point we had stolen at least ten lollies each, they were so delicious. Even more so because we weren't supposed to be eating them, they were for the father's. So I don't quite know what happened next or who made it happen. But I looked down and all the lollies were on the floor and the box was two meters away. Of course I burst out laughing, not that it was a laughing matter, but I had told Scott not to empty all the packets. Scott looked so sad, and I was to kinda, all those lollies now had to be thrown out because they were on the bathroom floor. I must have said 'I told you so' at least ten times before the day was out.

And now ironically, I want some lollies, but we don't have any =[
August 29th, 2009 at 04:47am