"Let's dance to Joy Division! And celebrate the irony."

Looking for a bunch of new music right now. I was talking to a friend of my cousin's the other day and he knows so many unknown yet fantastic bands. It's kind of amazing. I never really meet people in real life that listen to more than what's in the Top 10 on iTunes. I think I'm slightly crushing on him. And I kind of want to impress him. Do you guys have any good, lesser known bands to recommend?

And my high school orientation is on Tuesday. I'm excited, but really scared. I just really don't want to do bad academically, but either than that - I'm pretty all for getting to know new people. Oh, and did you know that the last three digits of my Catholic school's phone number is 666? (:

On a random side note, CHUCK NORRIS IS EVERYWHERE.


Ahahaa, I found that on Tumblr and started laughing so much.
August 29th, 2009 at 09:25pm