Funny Moment #4

So another funny moment involving my good friend Holly, and the scaring of her.

This moment was at my house. This was back when my cousin was still living with us. Holly was over and to pass the time we were playing a game of hide and seek. My cousin was the seeker. Both me and Holly went to hide. I ran to my room and hid behind my bed, against the wall. So my cousin came in looking for either me or Holly. Scanning the room, she found no one. I had hid myself well. I waited a little longer after she had left Then I heard a scream and knew that I was out of the woods and I wouldn't have to count even if I was found. So I got up from behind my bed, I didn't want to stay there any longer than I had to and I stood with my back to the wall. In the very spot that couldn't be seen from the door way. I heard someone walk in and got ready, I thought it was my cousin. So I yelled, "BOO," not scary at all right? I thought so. But Holly had been the one to enter, she screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped. I swear she was off the ground for at least a minute before she toppled over and fell on her back. I had a slight pause where I didn't know what to do. But as usual that lasted a second before I couldn't control myself and started laughing my head. You should have seen her face. It was one of those moments that you wish you could have filmed and sent into funny home videos. Holly was so freaked out. It was hilarious. I'm, glad she walked in instead of my cousin, she probably would have hit my afterward.
August 30th, 2009 at 03:05am