Kids can be so cruel

This is so true. Kids don't care if they hurt you as long as they are not being hurt them selves. I say this because of something that happened to me recently. I was at my community service placement, at a children's centre. I was helping this little girl to build something with the lego, when this other little boy comes along and starts taking it apart. How mean is that? Yeah, yeah, I know, he's only like four years old. But I knew better than that at four. So he's taking apart this lego structure and the little girl doesn't get mad but she just takes it back from him and starts putting it back together. She asked me to help her look for a red piece. I find one and so does she, so the little boy, grabs it from my hand, but grabs my hand as well. He's pulling on the piece and my finger and I'm trying to get away. Finally he gets it out of my hand without my hand and brings his hand up to hit me in the nose. It really hurt to cos my face was pretty close to his hand. He doesn't even say sorry or anything like that. he simply laughs, to my face. I was like wtf?
So as to my statement, kids can be so cruel, it is very true and it doesn't change with age. People these days only care about themselves.
August 30th, 2009 at 03:14am