Funny Moment #5

Okay so this funny moment was pretty hilarious but was kinda sad for my friend. I know she was still hungry by the end of lunch. So it happened at lunch today. My friend had two apples, don't ask me why! She just gets hungry a lot of the time. So yeah she had two apples. I had one in my pocket because no one wants to carry around two apples, a kiwi fruit, a sandwich and a bag of chips. So being her clumsy self she dropped the first on the grass. But that wasn't the funny bit. Then she goes to eat the second apple and my other friend bumps into her and she drops that on too. So my other friend says she can have her apple since she made her drop hers. Then our other friend picks up the two apples on the ground and (in a throwing mood) throws them both across the oval. The my friend goes to eat my other friends apple and our other friend grabs the apple and chucks it across the oval just as she was about to take the first bite. Poor her. She had three apples and in the end didn't even get one. Luckily for me, I was already eating my apple when the throwing started. Oh and on top of that she kept saying "funkadelic" that was more annoying than funny but the way she says it can always make you laugh. It's her English accent, it's awesome.
August 31st, 2009 at 01:41pm