Adults LIE

I'm so sick of people looking down on kids with depression or "Emo" kids because they're 'sad all the time.' Yeah, it pisses me off that kids adopted depression as a 'scene', but what can you do? Embrace the fact that there are people out there of any age who suffer from it as well as anxiety and stop beating them up for it. In my field I see we diagnose just as many adults with depression and mental disorders as we do teens. Maybe more. Not so funny now, is it? Maybe we're not just 'making it up.' Maybe it is real, it is a disease. So stop making fun of us, stop telling is it's all in our head and fuking do something about it. It doesn't just go away, you know. Even with medication, depressiona nd anxiety doesn't just stop. The things that made you that way don't just disappear. The medication just makes it easier to get through the daily hell of life and shut you assholes up for awhile. And just for the record, Anerexia is a disease. It's called Anerxia Nervosa. That is the eating disorder. the word Anerexia by itself merely means the loss of one's appetite and can be experienced by ANBODY. You, me, my mom. Your mom. It becomes the disease when we refuse to eat due to an idea that we are unperfect the way we are. So stop harping on about that too. And quit berating us because we hate life. Why don't you stop making it suck so bad, and we'll stop crying? Eh, try that one out for a bit. Jerks.

February 10th, 2007 at 06:27pm