my My Chemical Romanced Night-----------------Monday, May 21st, 2007---------Seattle Washington

OMF GOD THE CONCERT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like, the opening band was great. a small local band. and i was on the floor and i was pulling my older friend Cari into the pit more so that i could get a better view of the whole show before it started. and cari was holding on to my hand and it almost arm that is. and i got punched in the face, back, stomach, and i swear, by the time it was over, i didnt have ne boobs cuz they were squooshed so fuck much that they would fall off. ugh! but when they came on. the first three songs i stayed in the pit for, and holy shit!!! it was so fucking amazing. im mean, Gerard and Ray were like, RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY WERE GIVING OUT FREE MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS LIKE "BITCH.......HELL YA!!!!!!!!!" so then after falling on the floor 2 times and almost passing out, people had other people pull me out of there. and Gerard Way, acknoweledged that. hes said "I noticed you all not being so violet and helping people when they fall, and thats the key to a great concert....ROCK ON!" and i was like "HELL YA!!!!" and the whole concert just explains itself. oh and after the black parade, he said that after the last two songs that we're gonna have to put up with My Chemical Romance. and i didnt know what he ment till it happened and so they ended up playing songs from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. (sp:im tired) and i recorded most of it. i video taped Teenagers. and you know what they do to guys like us in prison and so on. it was like AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! just amazing. but then we missed the 10 30 ferry. and we didnt have enough money to even get on the ferry. so we had t sell Cari's cigeretts to get money for the 11 50 ferry. i fell asleep on the bench. and finally it came. and we sat there. and now we were worried about gas. we were on E and we didnt know if we were make the 20 mile drive. but we made it home by 2 30. and i made some mac and cheese and ate it on the kitchen floor cuz im that damn lazey to eat at the tabel. and i didnt want to wake Cari cuz she went to sleep on the couch. and our house it that small. OH!!!!! and at the begining, how it started, was the back certain was closed and there was a blanket on the floor and as the music started, Gerard Way rised from the blanket singing. and i was like AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the certain opened and Bob was spinning on the platform of his closed in drum set. and Gerard way said, after the song, that Bob was so fucking wasted. he looked like it too. but oh well, they rocked. the best fucking show ive ever fucking been to and when my camra charges ill put pictures up.

May 22nd, 2007 at 10:14pm