Vecka två

So, I don't really use the journal feature on Mibba, but I haven't made one since 2008 and I think I should make an effort for it to be at least an annual thing. Hm. So the topic of this journal is going to be university, since I think that's fairly worthwhile (I can't remember if that rule existed the last time I updated or not) and I think we can all agree that the pursuit of knowledge is a worthwhile endeavour anyway.

I'm in my second week of university (hence the title) and I'm taking three subjects; English Literature, Spanish and Swedish (again, hence the title). I'm studying for a joint honours MA in English Literature and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh. Swedish, as people keep telling me, is a completely 'weird/random' thing to study, but I thought it'd be fun as an outside course. And, of course, quite interesting.

I'm still undecided because of course I'm a complete beginner, so naturally I'm in the beginner's class, but frankly, half of my class aren't even beginners (one girl is half Swedish and pretty much fluent, another lived in Stockholm for six years). Which was scary at first, because they obviously know everything already, and I'm still getting my head around the alphabet and 'jag heter Megan'. I need to buy a good Grammar book and really catch up but so far I do quite like that class.

Spanish at first was equally scary. Well, I have four classes - a literature lecture, which was great, and a literature seminar, which was horrible, and the same goes for the written tutorial, which I didn't like either. It's that feeling that everyone else is so much better than you and you're sitting there feeling like a total non-entity. So I was totally dreading the speaking tutorial today, because oral work is always intimidating, but I actually found that I enjoyed it and I felt that I did pretty well after all. So Spanish gets a 50% so far. I just have to work on that.

I don't really have much to say about English Literature except that I love it I love it I love it the end goodbye. Seriously though. I've got four books of Paradise Lost to read by next Thursday and I'm quite excited in my totally nerdy way.

I actually might try to make more journal entries because I feel like I ought to use this feature of the site more but they'd probably just consist of me chatting on about how my set texts are amazing or what I think of Swedish grammar or something. Still, I fill my LJ with enough of that stuff as it is so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea.
October 1st, 2009 at 05:36pm