Back to School

So in three days, including this one, I'm going back to school. I'd seriously rather jump off a cliff then go, but as there aren't any cliffs near by I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with it. The only good thing is that term four is finally starting, which means there's only one more term till the end of the year. Okay so I don't really mind going back to school. It's just the going to actual classes that's worrying me. I haven't done a scrap of homework in the whole two weeks we've had off and tomorrow I'm going to Luna Park with my friends which only leaves today and Sunday to finish off all the stupid homework I haven't done. It makes me feel better knowing that my friend hasn't done her homework either.
I have started it all, I started it even before the holidays, it's finishing it that's the problem. I've done my English and one third of my humanities and only need to type up one of the thirds left. But then I have to make a show bag so I'm pretty much dead when it comes to that project. I only have one more slide left to do on my Algebra powerpoint, but then I have to find all the information and know how to say everything cos I'm presenting it on Tuesday, unless I fake a sickness or am really sick or my teacher's sick. I'm hoping for the last one, cos I cbs missing out on school. The I need to do one half of my business studies brochure. That was due like two weeks ago so I'll make up some excuse like "I didn't save it but I printed" it so I'll hand it in my first class, who knows my teacher's pretty laid back, he might not even ask about it. Then I have my whole cooking project.
I'm so dead! I'm never gonna finish! And you ask why I'm not doing it now? I CAN'T BE STUFFED!

... my other friend who's in like all my classes (electives) hasn't done her homework either. YES! But she's the master of forging letters from parents. lol
October 2nd, 2009 at 06:07am