My secret thinking place, and why I write journals. Why do YOU?

When a storm is coming.
When my mind is restless. I'm always thinking about you.
A sense of something good about to end. No one knows about this place. Yeah,
you could always read me well. This place makes me feel small...
Which means, my sadness is small,
and that always makes me feel better. I'm at peace here.
I'm always thinking about you, and how you always wear me well.

Why do I write journals? I write journals because, I'm better at saying things that I want to say when I have enough time to think about it. I'm better at confiding in paper, or a text box. I like getting feedback from people, who aren't so biased. Such as friends or family. I write journals because of the community aspect of it all. Being cared for, being loved by people, all over the world. Who truly, truly care. Not like superficial things like you get from some other sites. They truly, truly care. I write journals because I like making little snippets of artwork, aside from drawing, painting, or sculpting. It's quick, and it's easy. They are just as beautiful as any painting you will ever see. I like the interaction. I like listening to the opinions of other people. I want other people to hear my opinions, too.

I want to make friends, because, I believe that the internet is real life. These are real people, here. The people I meet online, or anywhere on the internet, are people who are as real to me as a friend right next to me would be. I do it to be inspired by different things. I do it for ideas, I do it for new concepts. New concepts, new ideas, new opinions, new everything. I do it to keep my mind active. That's why I do it.
October 10th, 2009 at 05:55am