to my readers/commenters

I'll be going to cebu this 26th... which is... *checks calendar* O_O tonight. so sadly I wouldn't be able to update on the waycest fic coz that fanfiction was made a long time ago and is actually finished right now, a reason why my updates are fast coz I just put up 5 pages a day. So yeah, I wouldn't exactly be able to post any updates for that fic until the 4th or 5th of June. But luckily I may be able to update on that Frerard fic, depending if I'm being a lazy-ass or not. So until June 4th or 5th, there will be no updates for the waycest fic and I am very sorry *goes down on knees* SOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!

May 26th, 2007 at 08:08am