I just found a worm in my half-eaten tangerine

I quickly ran out of the livingroom to the kitchen, while shouting EWWEWWEWWEWW and throwing the rest (and what was currently in my mouth) in the bin. I'm happy I didn't eat the little thing, but I was still like "OMGEWEWGROSSGROSS" I think I'm allowed to be a teenie brat when I find wroms in my food. Yeahs.

We're currently having a family-gathering. It's for my sisters birthday (I seriously almost typed burstday) and somewhat for my brother and dad, but they're was like 10 and 11 november. The kids have been surprisingly nice, I mean, they spent two hours watching a movie perfectly still, and now, they're playing Fifa with my lovely brother. Hopefully that's not the brat entering my room I'm hearing now:S
I've even gotten to finish some homework today! I mean, there's only so much time I bother to spend sitting with the adults listening to them chat about anything and smiling, and my parents is cool enough to let me sit on the computer. Yeahs.

I watched 17 again yesterday, and you know what? It's great! Yeah, at times it's a little too embarrassing, but mostly, it's really funny and cute. And Zac Efron did, amazingly enough, really good in it. Of course, Matthew Perry was the AWESOMEST, but I gotta admit, though it's a terribly embarrassing thing, that Zac is pretty hot. I HATE HSM, but in this movie... yeah, totally trying NOT to melt here. And my sis was pretty embarrassed as well, since she had wished for it for her 21st birthday, and she's pretty much a film-snob (oh, and 21 isn't a big day in Norway, since you can drink from 18;).
(that was a lot of "embarrassed"s in one paragraph).

Also, I got the last two books in the Sookie Stackhouse-series from my sister, so I have something to do the next weeks;)

And I get to know what assignment I'm getting on my exam tomorrow! Ugh, I'm dreading it. That means we have to get to work...

This day has earned me 20 quid and two bracelets:) I love other peoples birthdays...

toodlez, godfish;)

*tangerines is the little orange mini-orange thing that you eat in Christmas, yesyes?
November 29th, 2009 at 06:05pm