Hello hello, Mibba. I have to do a survey for a research paper I'm doing so I thought it'd be good to ask the members of Mibba for help. :)

Now, before you go on, I do have to warn (?) that this is about child abuse. It's mainly about education and prevention, but I just didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable doing this.

Do you think there should be programs in school to educate children and students about child abuse?
Yes or No

Why or why not?

In what ways can the community help to educate people and prevent child abuse cases?

Do you think the resources available now (hotlines, self-help books, programs, etc.) are enough to inform people about abuse?
Yes or No

If not, what other resources would you suggest adding to decrease abuse cases?

Financially, are programs to educate students and people about child abuse worth it?
Yes or No

Do you think parent(s) who is/are abusing their child deserve a second chance at taking care of their children?
Yes or No

If not, what action should be taken instead?

Most children who were abused grow up to be abusers themselves. What are some ways to break and prevent this “cycle of abuse”?

Your age or General Age Group:

Thank you to all who take the time out to do this. :]
December 12th, 2009 at 11:23pm