Time for a new old story.

I think it's time to start working on an old story again--one where my BFF and I save the world. Lame? Probably. MCR? Yes. I decided one day to get completely D&D on Gina (my friend in question) and to write a story where we had to go on an adventure. (I get bored, what can I say.) And to save some people. It was while I was having my breakdown that I came up with this idea so naturally it had to involve MCR. (Although I guess I can't blow up New Jersy now though, I'd feel guilty for killing Alicia even if it is a story) Anyway, the general idea is that we are invaded by another race, and Gerard, Gina, Ray, Bob and Frank are kidnapped, leaving Mikey and myself to save them. The only thing is...I wrote the story out of order, and then decided to connect them later, but i never did, and it's unfinished as of yet. Anyway, wanted to give you some idea, as I might just throw the chapters up here like I have them, in no particualr order after the first one. As always, please leave comments, I love feedback. (And I'm not leaving my other stories to rot, just this whole website has me excited and I rarely let others read my work, so hey, may as well post it while I'm feeling generous!)

February 13th, 2007 at 12:59am