Taming the Wild

I just adopted to feral cats. ( Feral -untamed, untamable, undomesticated, untrained.) This is going to be a 4-6 week journal on the things i have done to tame these cats.

Day 1- A blue little car pulled into the drive way around 1:15 p.m.. A strawberry blonde women stepped out. My mother greeted her before walking her to the milk house where these two untamable cats will be staying for this 4-6 week period of time. She did an inspection to make sure no harmful things where with-in reach. After a full 10-15 minutes of looking in ever corner, every crack she approved the space in witch they will reside. We walked her back up the snow covered drive way and into the kitchen to sign a contract. I watched as my mothers smooth hand writing edged her name on the dotted line. The paper was then handed to the strawberry blonde. We walked back out to her little car, opening the back left door to reveal a cat carrier holding a black and white young cat. Behind the young one was a larger gray, almost silver cat. Dax, and Momma Stripes. I know already they will be given new names. Dax will become Zorro due to his black mask and black cape. Momma Stripes will become Marmuska (Mar-moo-ska). The gloved covered hand that belonged to the strawberry blonde grabs the handle pulling out the carrier slowly. We then proceed slowly down the icy walk way careful not to fall. We reached the wooden door. The white paint chipping away. I open the latch slowly. We enter the concrete building. She puts the carrier down opening the tinny metal gate. The cats squish further towards the back. After waiting an agonizing 20 minutes they are still fearful. She decides to "dump" them out. She slowly tips the crate forward. Momma's out first. Momma takes no time to look at her surroundings, she darts off into one of the boxes with a bed hiding from us. Dax holds on for dear life before dropping to the floor. His head turns looking at the plain white walls, the bright, open windows. Soon though his eyes land upon the humans and he too runs like the wind into the second box we have set up. We sit and look at them for a good 15 minutes before we leave to let them wonder their home. As I walk up to the house I realize this is day one of many. I am now sitting here typing this. Why? Well it'd be a lie if I didn't say the movie "Julie and Julia" was the reason. I was inspired. So here it is. Day two is only 10 hours away.
January 2nd, 2010 at 09:59pm