Taming the Wild Day 2

Ok so maybe I'm a day late..... BIG DEAL!!!!

Day 2-

Dax and Momma must have cuddled last night. I went down around 9:30 a.m. to find Dax smashed behind Momma. It didn't look as if either had ate. The litter box still sat unused. I gave them fresh water then sat down in my spot facing them. I took my book out and started reading. A good twenty minutes must have pasted when something caught my attention. I slowly glanced up at over the top of my book to see Momma walking slowly out. She stopped abruptly when she saw my eyes looking at her. She paused seeing what i would do. When I didn't move she slowly backed back into her box. Soon I grew tired and started falling asleep. I forced myself to get up grab my gloves book and hot cocoa bottle. I surrounded them with blankets and pillows to keep them warm, before trudging back up to the house. It was awhile before I went back down. This time I was accompanied by my mother. As we entered we say no movement. Mom went to remove the pillows and blankets before sitting in her spot. Nothing exciting happened. Once again as I left I noticed no food gone and the litter box still empty. I can tell this is going to be more work then I bargained for.
January 5th, 2010 at 04:52am