Taming the Wild Day 3

So my vacation is over. I started school again meaning I have less time with the cats. Also this means these could get a little boring..... but I think todays is pretty interesting.

Day 3-

I got home from school and went to grab a snack. I wasn't planing on going straight down to the cats but my mother seemed revved to go. I grabbed us both a muffin and threw on my jacket and boots before walking out the door with my mom. We reached the cats and noticed that someone had indeed used the litter box and had ate. I uncovered their protected box to see Dax underneath Momma. Mom went to grab the blanket they had pushed out of the box. Momma struck out grabbing for my mom's hand. Mom pulled back slowly. Dax didn't seem to worried, it seemed Momma was protecting him. We decided to keep them warmer by putting a box upside down under their floor blanket and under their house box. We slowly slide their house box off the blanket. Dax slides out freezes then darts back into the house box. We had a second box we wanted them to go into. Their house box smelt of urine, leaving us to believe one of the two had soiled themselves. Mom put a pillow along the wall and one on each side of their box. We set the box they where not in, on top of the blankets. This would be their new house box. In order to get them into the new house box we have to once again "dump" them out. Dax came first. Instead of going into the new unsoiled in house box he went for a vent type of thing. He jumped up and laid down. Momma then came running straight into the new house box. In an attempt to get Dax into the box before we left i went outside and knocked on the vent to see if he would run out into his box. No such luck. Mom thought she'd try to lift him out. Ok, maybe that was my idea..... So she attempted to grab him he struck out at her. She backed off, telling me that when we leave he will come out. So she gathered her coffee cup, gloves, and all of my stuff. I went over to Dax. I watched his eyes as i reached my hand out. I pet him fast then backed away.....

So i forgot to mention that yesterday my mother was petting Momma. Asloooooo ok lost my train of thought. I've been thinking of using Photobucket or something to show you guys pictures. Tell me what you think. Comment!
January 5th, 2010 at 05:22am