Smoke And Ash - Background Symposium

Often times I am looking to create a new layout for a story and need a perfect background. I spend hours combing photobucket and imageshack only to come up with nothing. I'm forced to use a background I probably already used before or one I'm not too thrilled with. It's so much work for something I'm not even 100% happy with.

I have the feeling that there are other people like me, which is why I decided to create a sort of 'Background Symposium' called Smoke and Ash (why Smoke And Ash? Um no clue, it sounded interesting.) All it is really is a group album on photobucket where lots of different people can upload images into one account.

I've uploaded all the backgrounds on my computer (actually I have 220 and there are 194 on there but oh well) and they're free for anyone to use. What I'd like to have happen is to have other people upload their backgrounds as well. So we can create a place where there are just tons and tons of backgrounds to pick for a layout or whatever.

There's no 'theme'. I've uploaded elegant, dark, cute, artsy and silly ones for any sort of story.

Clicking Herewill take you to the album (to upload, click on the "Add photos & videos to this group" right next to the icon and title that says Backgrounds and right above the "In This Album" line - it's a little difficult to find at first). I recommend taking all the backgrounds from your computer (unless they're already saved in one folder) and put them into a separate folder. Then when you click 'upload' you can go to the folder and click and drag your mouse all the way down - no need to hold CTRL and click each picture separately.
January 12th, 2010 at 11:16pm