Kathryn vs. Catherine?

My real name is Kathryn.
I tend to spell it Catherine.

Because people know what you mean, spellingwise, if you say "Catherine with a c". Every time I say, "Kathryn with a k" people assume I mean Katherine and that annoys me. Even when you say "Kathryn spelt K - a - t - h - r - y - n" people tune out after the H and just spell it however they see fit. Believe me, it happens. And it's annoying.

I feel sorry for the spawn of scene kids that will have normal names but with ridiculous spelling. And also for the spawn of emos, which will obviously all have names like Dementia, because y'know, Alzheimer's is a really cool thing to be named after. :/

Also, I've recently read Flowers In The Attic, and Chris calls her Catherine Doll and it makes me happy. Kayli said that she'd read Flowers In The Attic ages ago, and I was like "ANDDD YOU DIDDDN'T TELL ME ABOUT THE DRESDEN DOLLS REFERENCES?!" she laughed at me.

So yeah. Kathryn or Catherine but mainly just Kat.
Anything other than Katherine. Ahahha! ;D
January 23rd, 2010 at 03:08pm