"Dad, I have hiccups" "That's just your inner fish"

He was serious. And he launched into a long description that he obtained somewhere in the science section of the New York Times. Gee, Dad, thanks.

A lot has happened since I last posted. I've rarely been on mibba since I was forced into creating a facebook. I'm sorry I crossed over to the social networking side of the internet; it's just so addictive. But facebook has helped me out a lot with school, and I rely on it way too much to get help on homework; however, at the same time it keeps me up past midnight in the middle of the week, so it can't be helping my grades too much.

Junior year so far has been very eventful. The classes this year have been easier than my sophomore year, not that it takes much for that. British Literature is my favorite class, and it helps that my favorite teacher teaches it. She also teaches my grammar class. By the way, I'm fully aware how much of a nerd I am.

Well, I started a relationship out of no where with this guy in my math class back in November. He's a cool, tall, skinny asian kid who's on the swim team and is insanely good at math. But, I had to break up with him. I felt really bad about it too. He didn't do anything wrong. I just felt like he was a friend. A really cute friend. And after he kissed me once I knew that I didn't like him as anything more. So that ended right before the new year.

I saw Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin in concert last Wednesday (the 27th) and it blew me away. I've been to concerts before, but this one was the most fun I've been to in the past year. *sigh* I get a happy bubble after I see shows. This one's still with me, which is good, because this week I'll need it more than ever.

IMTA is this weekend: Sunday morning, at 9:04. I don't know who came up with that odd time, but at 9:04 I enter the studio, sit down at the nine-foot Steinway, play ten minutes of memorized music that I've only been perfecting since August, and get judged against the 15 others at my level. So no pressure. Not at all. I just want to win. That'd be a very nice thing to put on a college application when I plan on majoring in piano performance. Yeah, so no pressure.

I'm going to stop with the updates on my life and move on to something more interesting: math. (yes, math. these are the problems in my life)

Happy Erin: little homework + lots of time = 9:30 bedtime
Stressed Erin: Lots of homework + very little time - facebook = 11:00 bedtime
Tired Erin: little homework + facebook = 12:00 bedtime
Pleasantly tired Erin: little homework + facebook + my favorite person on chat = 2:00 am bedtime
Pleasantly stressed Erin: lots of homework + my favorite person on chat = 3:00 am bedtime

You see, this is a dilemma. The temptation to log onto facebook and talk to him for hours on end largely outweighs the temptation of sleep; however, the need of sleep is much more crucial to my well being and my academic success. But then again, he is very important to my mental state of mind.

My mind is a funny place right now. I have We Are Golden settled comfortably in my brain taking the place of the Handel and Chopin that should be there instead, my favorite person is taking the place of my chemistry homework, and awake is taking the place of sleep.

I'm thinking that maybe I should sleep before I end up on facebook again, but first, I need my daily dose of PhillyD.

Peace&Love, Erin.
February 2nd, 2010 at 05:14am