Questions: 2012, Peircings, Drugs, Love?

So I'm Crunch. Yeah, people keep saying it's a stupid nick name but if you knew the story behind it, you'd laugh so hard you'd probably crap out your breakfast. Anyways, true story; I fell for a girl a while ago. I kind of still like her and everything. I still want to try it again, even though we broke up before. But, problem is, I just got out of a relationship. I was dating this guy for almost 9 months and we broke up. I really liked being his girlfriend at times, and other times I didn't. To make it short, there's still a possibility of me and him getting back together. But, I don't know if it'd be a good idea anyways. Truth is, me and him are so horrible for each other, but we both love each other. So since there's a possibilty I could get back together with him, should I keep my other feelings a secret so I don't hurt her?
Crunch loves advice.

If you're looking for the questions, scroll down. Because the next paragraph is complete ranting.

Anyways, I truely do hate doctors. They never tell you what's really wrong. I've been sick for almost over a year! My stomach hurts when I eat and when I don't eat. It's like I'm allergic to everything. So I've been getting ultra sounds, cat scans, blood taken and been put on med's. They still can't find anything and tell me it's just the things I eat. How insane is that?! I've been sick, don't they see I need more than just "it's your diet"!?
Is everyone going insane? Crunch thinks so.

So, I was just wondering these questions and what people would answer to them? So here I go;

1.) How do you think it is a good way to convince your parents in letting you get a nose peircing?
2.) Do you think that the people in drugs are really bad people, or are you just too afriad yourself to try them?
3.) Do you think the world will end in 2012?!

I'm just curious.
February 9th, 2010 at 02:31am