The Great debate.

Some would like to argue that turnips 'make the world go round'. I dare ask have they ever tasted a turnip? I mean, I've never really tasted a carrot, but just the name of the turnip makes it sound disgusting. In all honesty, I'd rather choke on my own spit than eat a turnip.

To start off my debate, I'd like to show you some statistics. When asked to give a reason why carrots are better than turnips, my subjects said that the carrots are good for your eyes, and are very healthy. But when asked why carrots aren't better than turnips, all I got in response was 'they aren't' and that 'you have to fight off rabbits to eat them'. This evidence, I have to say, is very shifty for the turnips. When asked to respond to all of the accusations, turnips declined. This only formed more questions about whether or not turnips are a good choice for your children.

Now that I have stated my case, I ask that you do the same. Also, before you comment saying "This is pointless," or "This is stupid," keep in mind that I was goosed.
February 13th, 2010 at 01:45am