The Reason I Sleep With Jackets

Don't you hate it when:
You really want to leave the house and your parents won't let you out? It's like being confined in a cage. When you spend too much time in the house, it's like being someone who's extremely sick and contageous. It makes you feel as if you're infected with some deadly disease that has no cure, except sunlight, and you're allergic to sunlight.

Right now I feel like:
I'm infected with that disease. I have this best friend, who I have known my entire life. I moved away though and haven't seen her in so long. I was going to go out to the bowling alley and meet her and her new boyfriend and friend there. I was really excited to see her and meet him, because she loves him so much and is so happy. When my mom was leaving to go to that area to pick up my brother, I was ready to go. When I went to leave, my mom said I couldn't go because she didn't want to pick me up later. I've been stuck inside my house all day, doing nothing. Everyone's been busy lately, and I haven't seen my best friend in almost a year. Now, I'm stuck inside of the hell house.

What would you do if:
Your parents have been so unreasonable lately? My parents haven't let me gone out that much lately, and won't let me do any of the things I'd like to. It's like as I get older the freedom is taken away, and not given out. For my birthday in June, I wanted to get my septum peirced. That peircing, can be hiden by flipping up the ring, and my parents desided it'd look too nasty on me. Then, when all my friends met up to hangout at the mall, I wasn't allowed to go because it was dangerous! Next, everyone was sleeping at my friend's house, who's a guy, and I was the only one who wasn't allowed to. Because I'm not allowed to have co-ed sleepovers anymore. Also, I'm not allowed to wear ICP, or anything having to do with juggalos or lettes. I'm a lette, and damn proud. They refuse to listen to my side, and refuse to make compremises. We had one compremise, where my parents would read the book about ICP so they'd understand it. Turns out they returned the book without telling me.

Do you think:
I'm being unreasonable and wrong? I understand, I'm young. That might be why I can't have a sleepover with a guy, but I have before. I understand juggalos and lettes are seen to be apart of a gang, but if it's who I am and how I express myself why can't I? I know the peircing might be expensive, but I offered to pay, I also told them if they really disliked it, I'd take it out. I'd understand, they're my parents and they run what peircings I have. But, if I can hide it, and am willing to take it out and pay for it, why not? I don't know, it's getting really hard to come back to this house everyday. I really am starting to hate it here 100 %.
February 14th, 2010 at 12:30am