Recommend Stories.

I need help.
I'm writing a femmeslash with my best friend Angie and the first chapter is written but we can't post it yet.
Why? Because we can't decide on a title.
It deals with two girls in an Art Club, that's all I'm saying.
So any ideas would be very much appreciated.
No one seems to be in the helping mood today, I guess.

Nevermind, we've decide on Love Is An Art.

Also, I want to read something.
I haven't read anything on here in a while.
I only ask that you recommend a story that is not yours.
And I don't want your good friends' story either.
I want you to recommend a story that you found absolutely great.
I don't care what it is, I just don't enjoy incest. It's not my forte.

I'll recommend some too.

He Wears... by devil's trap.

Oh, Hydrophobia. by septicemia.

Regular Slash
Peter Pan Loves Me by Cyanide Poisoning. [ANYTHING BY HER REALLY]

Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend. by I'd.Be.Your.Tears.

And I haven't read any good Heterosexual stories in a while, so if you know any of those that would be good.
February 17th, 2010 at 08:57pm