First Chapter of Seconds from Insanity.

So, this journal entry is for people reading my story; Seconds from Insanity.

If your not reading it, CHECK IT OUT!!!
With whatever sexy guy you like on top?

Anyways, I put the beginning of the first chapter out so I could tell you a few things.

One: Whether you'd like the fan fiction to be about Jacob Black or Paul Parker.

I asked you guys to vote.
So please, do that!
I'd like to get the chapter out by the end of the weekend.

Two: I asked if anyone was interested in co-writing.

Is anyone willing to write with me?
This would mean quicker updates.
For one, there would be two [or more] poeple writing the story, and second, I would force myself to do a chapter because it's annoying when your co-writer won't post anything for, like, a month... The whole reason for a co-writer is so the readers actually get to read something every once in a while.

Sorry for my rambling...
I go overboard sometimes...

I also wrote; "Can we get 120 readers, 20 subscribers, and 20 comments by the weekend?

We've got the reader thing down, so let's finish the other two.
Maybe you guys can go over that?!!!

When this stuff is done, the first chapter will be up!
I've kept everyone waiting long enough...
February 19th, 2010 at 10:28pm