'Real Women'

When people call plus-size/larger women 'real women'. As in, oh, 'it's nice to see real women in a magazine for a change'.

I don't know why but it really bugs me.
I'm neither overweight nor underweight (according to my own self-perception anyway). So I'm a) not conforming to the mainstream ideal of the female body shape because I'm not thin enough and b) not a 'real woman' because I'm not big enough.

I understand it's all done with the best of intentions and clearly women of all sizes are attractive. But surely that's the point. We're all real women. In a bid to be more accepting you're actually being exclusive and enforcing divisions and being just as sizeist/elitist. Which, frankly, can be just as hurtful, if you're imposing a standard on women and saying that to be 'real' they must have curves or large breasts or some other such thing. That can be as equally unattainable.

By the way, I've been mistaken for a male a grand total of two times during my life. If that should make me biased in any way.
February 26th, 2010 at 12:31am